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Morgan Tucker wants to get her friend, who has muscular dystrophy, a meeting with a boy band. Will the campaign work?

One loving friend is hoping the kindness of Internet strangers gives her friend the “moment of a lifetime.”

Morgan Tucker, who actually goes by Taylor Tucker on Twitter, is trying to get her friend Haley Paterson, who has muscular dystrophy, a meeting with  her favorite band One Direction. Paterson is a huge fan of the pop boy band from Britain and Ireland, and even runs the “official One Direction Georgia street team” Twitter account.

In a video titled #HaleyHasAChance and uploaded onto YouTube last week, Tucker appeals to the digital masses. The touching video outlines the duo’s friendship, before going into Paterson’s condition. “I know that every day she’s battling for her life,” she says, outlining the fact that Paterson’s muscles have deteriorated.

One Direction, Tucker says, “make her feel like every thing’s going to be OK. They make her feel like they’re  talking directly do her. And that’s the one thing I want to do. I want to give her a chance to meet One Direction. This may seem like a longshot. This may seem kind of crazy. But I want to give her the chance ‘cause you never know when someone takes their last breath.

“So I am asking, as many people as I can, to get this video to One Direction, or get me somewhere where we can get her to meet them”  pleads Tucker, with tears in her eyes.

The video seems to be working.

1D meet Haley” is currently trending on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, and according to Topsy, “1D meet Haley” has been tweeted approximately 3,500 times so far.

On YouTube,  #HaleyHasAChance has been viewed 46,000 times, and collected 1,700 comments. YouTubers have also taken to making video responses to help spread the word.

One Direction was unavailable for comment at time of publication, and there is no indication, yet, that they have seen Tucker’s video. 


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