As part of the social campaign Out4Marriage, Johnson gleefully endorsed same-sex marriage in a new YouTube video. 

London Mayor Boris Johnson announced on a YouTube video that he’s in support of same-sex marriage.

“I see absolutely no reason why that happy state should be denied to anybody in our country,” the British Conservative Party politician enthusiastically says in the 40-second video, published Monday. “That’s why I am supporting the Out4Marriage campaign.”

Out4Marriage—akin to It Gets Better—is a multimedia campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in Britain. The organization has posted 127 videos to date and promises videos from “high profile UK politicians from all political parties and global A-list celebrities” in the coming weeks.

Johnson’s video is Out4Marriage’s most prominent endorsement to date. However, some are pointing out that the video contradicts previous statements by the mayor. Johnson has defended his stance, saying his quotes were taken out of context.

Out4Marriage’s cofounder, Benjamin Cohen, said he believes Johnson has had a change of heart, adding the organization “welcomes his support.”

Comments on the video, which is stuck at 301 views, are in support of Johnson’s stance. Some are writing “Thanks Boris!” and “Out4Boris,” but a commenter named trouble2, lauded Johnson for not saying the word “gay,” as some believe it conjures up feelings of segregation.

“Well done Boris for not using the term ‘gay marriage’ and instead reaffirming that marriage is a happy state that should be available to all,” the commenter wrote.

Photo via YouTube

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