Truck driver explains he has to wear Trump 2024 hat in order to blend in with racist towns


‘It’s crazy how racist this is, ain’t that a b*tch?’: Black truck driver says he has to wear Trump 2024 hat

‘Get you one of those flags with the blue line to put on your bumper while you’re at it.’


Phil West


Posted on May 16, 2023   Updated on May 16, 2023, 1:49 pm CDT

A Black content creator who claimed to also work as a truck driver said he experienced racism driving through small towns—until he started wearing a Trump 2024 baseball cap. 

In a now-viral video, user @uziyah, whose bio identifies him as a comedian, explained his conundrum as a Black truck driver who doesn’t support former President Donald Trump but is seemingly pretending to in order to make his life easier. As of Tuesday morning, his video had amassed over 859,900 views. 

“Check this out,” he said. “I drive trucks, right?”

@uziyah144 #Trump #Racism #MakeAmericagreatagain #RealJew ♬ original sound – Phallon Tha Jew

He continued: “So they was treating me bad in some of these racist-a** little towns. I went and bought one of these,” he said, flashing a red Trump 2024 hat. “Oh my mama, they’ve been nicer! Yeah, brother, I love the hat!” 

@uziyah then made his political affiliations clear. “It’s crazy how racist this is, ain’t that a b*tch?” he said, before ending with an emphatic, “F*ck Trump.” 

The driver said this wasn’t the first time that wearing the hat helped him. In another video, @uziyah claimed that wearing it prevented him from getting a traffic ticket. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @uziyah for comment. Though it’s possible that he’s wearing the hat as part of a comedic skit, plenty of commenters were ready to believe that showing allegiance to the former president could go a long way in rural areas. 

“Crazy thing is that’s legit how it be,” one asserted. “Be careful out there.”

“Honestly, it’s the safe move,” another said. 

“It’s disgusting that you have to do that,” one commenter observed, “but … I back YOU 100%.” 

A handful of commenters suggested other signals to help @uziyah move safely among Trump supporters. 

“Get you one of those flags with the blue line to put on your bumper while you’re at it,” one viewer proposed. 

“I’m bouta get one of those ‘back the blue’ magnets for my car when I wanna speed,” another posited. 

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*First Published: May 16, 2023, 8:03 am CDT