Using a compelling combination of wit and profanity, Wade Cothran revived his Internet stardom by quickly selling a couch on Craigslist. 

Next time you need to sell a couch, ask Wade Cothran to write the Craigslist posting.

“It’s got a really great lounge on the side and is big enough for like 4 people to make out on if you pull the ottoman up to it,” he wrote. “That’s right, a motherfucking ottoman.”

Cothran, also known as the Best Roomy Ever, rose to fame after he posted a hilarious but expletive-ridden rant recommending himself to potential roommates in the Bay Area. His outrageous ad brought him a cult following. But the post also cost him his job, which was— ironically—in online advertising.

“People should hire you to do all of their ads for them. Oh wait, that’s kind of your career, isn’t it? Well…good choice,” commented Chantelle Says, one of his 11,000 Facebook fans.

Cothran may have the mouth of a frat boy, but he did manage to quick unload a stained, used couch on Craigslist, claiming it had been upholstered by model Cindy Crawford.

“The couch was sold within an hour or so, but Craigslist removed the post because it was flagged as inappropriate or some such shit,” Cothran posted on his blog.

The 25-year-old is still unemployed and homeless, but it’s not all that bad. He blogs regularly about his misadventures, staying with roommates around the country in hopes of publishing a book and obtaining a possible movie deal.

That’s right—a motherfucking movie deal.

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