Michael’s shopper shares hack to get Alo Yoga T-shirt for $8 instead of $54

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‘They’re the same exact T-shirts’: Michael’s shopper shares hack to get Alo Yoga T-shirt for $8 instead of $54

‘Those same shirts literally used to be $2 a few years ago.’


Jack Alban


Content creator Evan Lamicella (@evanlamicella) posted a bit of advice for folks who love Alo t-shirts but don’t necessarily love their prices: Just head on over to Michael’s and buy Bella + Canvas instead.

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According to the Instagram model and giraffe enjoyer, the only difference between the two t-shirts is the Alo logo—so you’ll get the same exact shirt at a fraction of the price.

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“Quick little life hack for you Alo baddies out there: Go to Michael’s and get yourself a Bell + Canvas tee for $7.99 instead of like 70 bucks,” he says, “‘Cause owners of Alo also own Bella + Canvas…and they’re the same exact t-shirts and you can get all of these colors, for cheap. You’re welcome.”

And it seems that there are other people in the comments section who knew about this.

“I worked for alo and they would literally slap the alo letters on there and not even cover up Bella canvas tag sometimes,” one wrote.

One other person penned a comment professing their love for the Bella + Canvas brand, writing, “I used to work in the tshirt printing industry and Bella Canvas shirts are SOOO comfy I love them.”

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Someone else wrote, “Bella canvas has the best tees.”

@evanlamicella 70 bucks or 7 you pick #fyp ♬ original sound – Evan Lamicella

Another stated they weren’t exactly sure why folks were so high on Alo as a brand in the first place, sharing, “I just looked up the alo tee….. why do people like those shirts so much.”

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“Bella and canvas is thé worst fitting shirt I’ve ever put on,” someone else wrote, stating that they didn’t even like the t-shirt “base” that Alo puts their print on.

Bella + Canvas for the win

Evan isn’t the only person to note the similarities between Bella + Canvas along with Alo. A post uploaded to Reddit’s r/frugal sub contains praise for the t-shirts that can be found at Michael’s, where OP writes, “After their t-shirts and hoodies were mentioned here, I decided to buy a haul of their items. This is seriously some of the best-value clothing I’ve ever purchased. The hoodies are equal to better quality than American Apparel, and the t-shirts are heavy-duty with a modern fit. If you are looking to load up your closet with neutral basics, this is the best way to do it.”

Someone replied that Bella + Canvas is a “sister company” to Alo, which was also mentioned in another post uploaded to the site’s dedicated r/aloyoga sub. A user there also echoed Evan’s comments stating that there really isn’t a difference between Alo and Bella + Canvas’ offerings: “Alo’s sweatshirts are made from their sister company, Bella + Canvas, marked up at a premium because they’re branded with the alo logo. Their stuff is not performance wear, it’s fashionable activewear. I’m a pilates instructor so I get their instructor discount and most of the time it’s still not really ‘worth it’ to me as far as quality goes, but they have a lot of cute designs.”

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And if you ever wanted to see other comparisons between Alo and Bella + Canvas’ clothing, there are throngs of different TikToks that discuss this very topic, with plenty of fit checks folks can take a gander at for themselves here.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Bella + Canvas and Alo via email and Lamicella via Instagram direct message for further information.

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