Bed Bath and Beyond customer speaking with caption 'Don't waste your time' (l) Bed Bath and Beyond building with sign (c) Bed Bath and Beyond image of sale with 10% off paper (r)

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‘This is why they are going out of business’: Customer slams Bed Bath & Beyond closing sale for only offering 10% off

'Good riddance. I hope the CEO ends up living in a ditch.'


Phil West


Posted on Apr 28, 2023

While some think Bed Bath & Beyond going Bed Bath & Bankrupt will be a boon for consumers, one TikToker says the company’s closing sale isn’t all that.

The TikToker in question is Ryan Filipski (@ryanfilipski), an Austin, Texas-based creator who drew more than 153,000 views within 24 hours of posting his thoughts about the sale. His video is in response to reports that the retail giant’s closing sale began on April 26, with Today’s account noting the company claiming “deep discounts” for customers.

“Don’t waste your time,” Filipski begins. “I already went so you don’t have to.” This statement, and the accompanying caption, declaring it “bed bath and bogus pricing,” heralds the content that follows.

“This is the closing sale,” he says, showing an image of hand towels with a “10% off” sign above them. “So everything’s 10% off, which you’re like, ‘OK,’ but then everything is so absurdly priced that it still is so much more expensive than any other store even with the 10% off discount.”

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The dish continues. “These are tiny hand towels,” he remarks regarding the hand towels, then shifts to a picture of jars with metal lids. “These are just shitty jars that everyone has. Like, you can get these at Marshall’s for like $2.” Then, looking at pricing that goes far beyond $2, he remarks, “Go fuck yourself, Bed Bath & Beyond.”

Finally, he goes even further beyond decorum by saying, “Good riddance. I hope the CEO ends up living in a ditch.”

Commenters joined the creator in cynical takes about the sale.

“I’m not getting out of bed for at least 50% off,” one said.

“By the time it hits 50%, it’ll only be mega junk left,” the creator responded.

“Closing sales are supposed to be like 70% minimum,” another opined.

“10 percent off is basically no taxes,” said another commenter. “No, thanks, I’ll pass.”

“Mine’s been having a closing sale for like 2 months,” yet another claimed, “and the prices are still basically the same.”

Some took the opportunity to damn the company’s whole tenure based on the closing sale.

“They’ve always been so expensive,” one viewer assessed. “That’s why they going out of business.”

“No wonder they’re going out of business,” another cracked.

But, despite Filipski’s wishes, at least one commenter expressed that the CEO probably wasn’t destined for the ditch life.

“Sadly, the CEO will walk away just fine,” the viewer said. “It’s the store employees that will be feeling the impact more.”

The Daily Dot contacted Filipski via TikTok comment and Bed Bath & Beyond via email for more information.

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*First Published: Apr 28, 2023, 8:35 am CDT