woman explains how to always get a shockingly cheap hair appointment

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‘You can’t even order a bowl at Chipotle for $12’: Here’s how to always get a shockingly cheap hair appointment

‘I even go to their ig accounts and see their work’


Melody Heald


Getting your hair done can boost your confidence but can be costly. A woman spilled the tea about how she had her hair done for $12. Spoiler alert: She didn’t go to the salon.

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The video features TikTok user Dynah (@itsdynah) who sat in her car, revealing her freshly styled hair.  “Whoever the girl was that said to get your hair done at a beauty school, I owe you my life,” she told her 256,00 followers. For $12, she had her hair washed and blow-dried. “You can’t even order a bowl at Chipotle for $12,” she added.

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Then, she jumped into her story. Despite typically taking appointments, the content creator was able to walk in at the Paul Mitchell the School Costa Mesa because she only wanted her hair washed. To do hair only took an hour. According to Dynah, her hair stylist was a student at the beauty school.

During her impromptu appointment, the content creator and the stylist made small talk.

“Where did you hear about us?” the stylist asked. The content creator’s response? Social media. This surprised the stylist, claiming she hadn’t heard that response before. Typically, the stylist’s clientele were old people who wanted root touch-ups or their hair washed. Afterward, Dynah tipped her stylist $15.

“For less than $30 to have someone do my hair unheard of,” she concluded.

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Dynah loved her so much, that she asked in the caption, “Do i need to start doing this weekly?”

The Daily Dot reached out to Dynah via email, Instagram direct message, and TikTok comment. The video racked up over 537,000 views where former cosmetology students praised Dynah for tipping her stylist.

“Most people dont tip students!! One time someone gave me a nickel as a tip,” one viewer wrote.

“I was in cosmetology school it’s so nice that u tipped her cause we would do these services for free so we pay to be there and do free work,” a second stated.

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In addition, others shared their experiences.

One user’s wasn’t positive. “I went to the beauty school once as a kid with my mom for my first perm and that girl ruined my hair,” one user recalled.

However, others had a more positive experience.

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“I have 3c-4a hair and local hair places always mess up my haircuts. That’s why I’ve been going to the same beauty school for years,” a second shared.

“My beauty secret, I even go to their ig accounts and see their work. A lot of them have potential or skilled so I find someone who I can trust!” a third commented.

Is it actually cheaper to get hair done at a beauty school? According to PJ’s College of Cosmetology, “Cosmetology schools offer discounted services to give their students a chance to practice on real people and improve their skills. This discount can be as much as 50 percent, making it much more affordable to keep up with the latest hair trends. Some schools also prohibit tipping, which can further lower the cost of getting a new hairstyle.”

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