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‘She hung up’: Woman uses ‘Be My Eyes’ app to see if her boyfriend is cheating on her

‘She was not happy about that.’


Stacy Fernandez


This woman signed up to be a person’s visual aid, but she ended up with so much more than she expected—specifically, some piping hot tea.

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“Guys, I am deceased,” Anna (@annaconda309) says in a trending TikTok clip.

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In the video, which already gained nearly half a million views in less than 24 hours, Anna explains that she signed up for the Be My Eyes app as a volunteer. The app connects blind and low-vision users with sighted assistance through live video or AI.

Anna has had the account for a few years, but given that there are 16 volunteers for each visually impaired person, she hadn’t gotten pinged to help until now—and boy, is she glad she picked up the phone for this call.

When she saw the notification, Anna was super excited, but she fully expected it to be something ordinary, like reading a set of instructions or picking a color.

“Nope, this girl straight goes, ‘So this is my boyfriend’s cellphone, and I want you to read me the names in his call history,’” Anna recounts, adding that the woman sounded agitated.

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“I’m like, ‘Excuse me?’” but she followed through on the request.

Sure enough, there was one girl in particular who he’d called multiple times.

“And she was not happy about that,” Anna says.

Now, like the rest of us (unless you claim not to be a chismosa), Anna wanted to know the full tea and backstory on the situation, but the woman hung up right after she got the information she was looking for.

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“So I’m glad after all these years I was finally able to help someone, but it wasn’t the type of help that I was expecting to do,” Anna says, concluding the minute-long video.

In our imaginations, the woman on the phone went straight to confront her boyfriend. He probably gave her a lackluster excuse, so she dumped him on the spot as he begged her to give him a second chance. But that’s just our imagination. We doubt we’ll ever truly know what happened, and that’s OK. Frankly, it’s none of our business (as much as we want to be all up in it).

People in the comment section were living for the unexpected interaction and mess.

“I would have been like ‘girl go to the texts let me read them for you!’” a top comment, with more than 10,000 likes, read.

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“OH THIS IS MESSY! Let me sign up,” a person said.

@annaconda309 #greenscreen Glad to be of service 🫡 #bemyeyes ♬ sonido original – Golden Oldies Mix

Others shared their own experiences with the app.

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“I helped someone read a pregnancy test!! I was like ‘it’s… positive!?! Are you…?’ And she was like ‘YAY no I’m keeping it,’” a commenter recounted.

“Years ago I helped a guy from London pick out a shirt because he was blind and had a friend with him but the friend color blind and couldn’t tell if his clothes matched it was great!” another shared.

“My first call was helping someone set the numbers on their insulin pump. I was stressedddd,” a person said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Anna via TikTok direct message.

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