barista with caption 'Our Barista icks:' 'Moving chairs & tables without asking' (l) barista with caption 'Our Barista icks:' 'You think they are talking to you, but they have AirPods in' (c) barista with caption 'Our Barista icks:' 'Orders a hot coffee, but they want two ice cubes in it' (r)

@vervecoffee/TikTok by Caterina Cox

‘Moving chairs and tables without asking’: Baristas share customer icks

‘Someone orders a hot coffee but they want two ice cubes in it.’


Melody Heald


From Texas Roadhouse servers to retail workers, many front-facing workers have utilized TikTok as a tool to vent out their frustrations when it comes to customer behavior in hopes they won’t commit the offending behavior anymore.

Baristas took turns sharing their customer icks in a TikTok posted by the Verve Coffee account. Set to the audio, “Bombastic side eye. Criminal offensive side eye,” each barista shares their customer ick via text overlay, complete with them side-eyeing the camera. The first ick shared is when customers talk with AirPods in because the baristas think the customers are trying to talk to them. “Someone orders a hot coffee but they want two ice cubes in it,” the next barista shared. Other icks include “moving chairs and tables without asking” and “getting stared down while making a drink.”

@vervecoffee Major side eye!! 😒☕️ #coffeeaddict #coffeetok #barista #baristalife #baristaproblems ♬ Bombastic Side Eye Criminal Offensive Side Eye – CasaDi

The Daily Dot reached out to Verve Coffee via Instagram direct message and email. The coffee shop’s video racked up over 24,000 views as of April 12, and viewers who are presumably also baristas clearly resonated with it and chimed in with icks of their own.

“Or when they ask if an iced matcha is their hot cappuccino,” the top comment by user @meowllory7 reads.

“When customer says sorry to the one they’re talking to on the phone because they had to order…like I’m sorry I didnt interrupt u,” @vivivlogggs said.

“When u shout an order for collection and it’s not their name but they try to take it anyway,” a bakery called Electric Bakery wrote.

In addition to ditching the AirPods and staring problem the next time one goes out for a cup of coffee, it’s also best practice, according to other service industry workers, to avoid asking for surprise drinks when bars or coffee shops are especially busy, respond to servers’ simple questions in a timely manner, and properly greet workers before ordering.

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