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‘They are way more dangerous than anybody knows’: Mom almost loses child to water bead toy. She says Target marked it on sale and restocked the shelves

‘These have never been allowed in our home.’


Adrienne Hunter


A mother claimed that after her infant child nearly died from accidentally ingesting a singular water bead, the company sent their condolences and Target continued to sell the product—at a discounted rate.

The video is one of many by Maine-based Folichia Mitchell (@fo_bby4), who posts videos to share her child’s medical journey and spread awareness of the alleged dangers of water beads. Posted May 31, the video has amassed 6.9 million views as of June 5. 

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“Imagine you almost lose your child to a toy,” she wrote in a text overlay. “They send their condolences and then mark the item on sale and restock the shelves. Round of applause for Target.” 

The product in question was Ultimate Water Beads by Chuckle & Roar, which she said she bought for her nine-year-old at Target. While the “Ultimate” version does not seem to be sold anymore and Insider wrote that it’s since been pulled off the shelves, Target still has another water bead toy from the same company listed for sale.

The comments reflected a similar frustration at these toys being so widely available.

“My husband’s grandmother keeps trying to give the water beads as gifts for my older son but I have a 9 months old and refuse to bring it in the house,” commented one user. 

“Hate seeing them sold! My oldest is just at the age where they look inviting and I have to stop them as presents,” another wrote.

Previously, Mitchell shared multiple videos documenting her child’s medical issues. One such video, which has gained 25.2 million views since posted on Nov. 22, explained the complications in depth. 

“We didn’t know the warning signs and the beads had no warning of what happens when ingested,” she claimed. She said while the toy did mention a choking hazard, it did not have a warning detailing how dangerous it was if it was ingested. In one video, she shared how Chuckle & Roar replied to her that while they sympathized with her, the toy allegedly passed all safety standards.

The video explained that after initial surgeries, the child did not immediately get better and her life was at risk. “She was at risk to lose an arm from a blood clot that had stopped the blood supply,” Mitchell said.

While Mitchell’s daughter was able to recover, awareness that water beads can be a danger to children is growing. In March, Ashley Haugen told Today about her daughter swallowing a water bead. The product, which expands when wet, lodged in her child’s intestine and caused severe medical issues.  

The Daily Dot contacted Mitchell via TikTok comment, Target via email, and Chuckle & Roar via Instagram. 

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