The money will go to Save the Children, an organization fighting the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.

The plan was simple.

Popular YouTube gamer Athene wanted to raise $1 million in 100 days for Save the Children’s efforts to end the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. He appealed to friends and subscribers on his channel, AtheneWins, and also took to Reddit.

His charity movement, Operation ShareCraft, gained national attention after he and thousands of others staged a week-long hunger strike, which helped raise over $375,000 in about a month.

“I really beleave if the gaming community unites we can achive great things,” Athene wrote on the forums at pro gaming site TeamLiquid.

Athene finally met his goal on Sunday with less than three weeks left in the charity fundraiser. The crowd erupted into applause when Athene announced during a live stream that they had hit the $1 million mark.

Over on r/gaming, redditors also applauded Athene’s efforts.

“Congratulations guys, you deserve it,” hanskjohnson wrote. “Better yet, those kids deserve it. You’ve done a great thing and are all great people, keep being awesome!”

“Its unbelievable and inspiring that a somewhat unappreciated community like the gaming community could pull this off,” redpon wrote. “I am so glad and proud to say that I contributed to this cause as should everyone else who donated. You guys are true hero’s.”

Supporters also left well wishes and messages of congratulations on the Operation ShareCraft Facebook page.

The Save the Children Challenge isn’t over yet, either. Athene and his fans still have 14 more days to raise funds.

Photo via Facebook

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