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‘What am I tipping for? There was no service provided‘: Woman says she was asked to tip while online shopping for earrings

‘Tipping for an online order is wild.’


Stacy Fernandez


Some consumers believe tipping culture is getting out of hand, and they aren’t sure what to do about it.

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In many other countries tipping isn’t a common or expected practice, but it’s the standard in the United States. It’s generally understood that service workers often don’t make a livable wage and tips are meant to subsidize their pay.

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While there’s a strong consensus of people who think employers should foot the bill for their workers’ pay, instead of having to depend on the whims of finicky customers, most people accept the fact that service work comes with an extra fee.

Now what people aren’t here for are the multitude of other situations where tipping is now seemingly necessary, like when you order food at a counter or for pickup and are asked for a tip on the checkout screen. Tipping has seemingly infiltrated every transaction.

In a viral video, Janine (@beautybyjrw), an esthetician on TikTok, shared a recent tipping experience that left her feeling confused.

Now, as an esthetician, Janine is no stranger to tips. She explains that she doesn’t set her prices and clients usually leave her a “little bit more for tip.”

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“None of that seems unreasonable. It’s never expected, always appreciated,” she says, since she’s performing a service.

What she does think is unreasonable is having to tip when no service was performed. She explains that she ordered a pair of earrings a few months ago from a major online retailer and was asked to leave a tip at checkout.

“Excuse me? Like what am I tipping for?” she asks.

@beautybyjrw #stitch with @minna I just want an explanation #tippingculture ♬ original sound – janine | beauty + wellness
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Her online shopping experience was smooth—but it did not require direct service from an employee. “The moment that I realized just how out of hand tipping culture is getting,” Janine says. “… These companies need to start paying their employees properly.”


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The video has more than 650,000 views and hundreds of comments. Many people explained similar frustration with places that don’t perform a service but ask for a tip.

“My fav is froyo places. Where they stand behind the counter, watch YOU make your own order and then ask for a tip. No ma’am,” the top comment read.

“Tipping for an online order is wild,” a person said.

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“I’ve been a die-hard tip-til-I-die kind of consumer, & the way it’s gotten out of control makes me so upset. I hate feeling like I’m becoming a class traitor for not wanting to,” another shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Janine for comment via Instagram direct message.

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