Airbnb cleaner slammed guests who make their beds before checking-out

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‘Not me thinking I was being polite’: Airbnb cleaner slams guests for making their beds before checking out

'People just trying to get their deposit back.'


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Apr 21, 2024   Updated on Apr 23, 2024, 11:41 am CDT

An Airbnb host went viral on TikTok after sharing how she prefers guests to leave their dirty bed sheets. However, her comments divided some viewers who believed the woman was too harsh.

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Scemja Martice (@scemjamartice) posted a video last week where she documented herself cleaning a recently used Airbnb. As of Sunday, her TikTok had amassed over 2.1 million views. 

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As Martice recorded, her phone’s camera panned to one of the house’s bedrooms. 

“Yeah, so, I’m cleaning up the Airbnb and I’m pulling this cover off the bed,” she said. “Like, it was really tucked [into] the bed.”

Martice’s frustration, she later explained, is that guests should want to strip their beds versus making it up so the host can clean the linens. She expressed annoyance toward her guests, who made up at least two beds in the Airbnb rental.

“They’re making the bed up like somebody finna come in here and lay down behind them,” she said.

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Martice said that when she rents Airbnbs, she “strips the bed down [and] puts the sheets on the floor.”

But, she conceded, “Not everybody is like me.”

“Let me show you what everybody else does,” she added.

Martice then showed viewers a second bedroom, with black bed sheets, where the bed had been completely made up. The guest appeared to put extra effort into tucking in the sheets and organizing the pillows. 

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This didn’t phase Martice, however. 

“Ain’t nobody getting in this sh*t after your a**. Put this sh*t on the damn floor,” she said. “Why somebody finna get up in here after you?”

Martice stripped the second bed, then, and pointed to the sheets strewn on the ground. 

“This is how I do it,” she said. “I throw all the sheets on the bed so I can make sure it gets clean.”

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There’s long been a debate over whether Airbnb guests should make or strip their beds before departure. According to Southern Living, however, both options are extremely considerate.

“Every host has different preferences, and it’s always best to ask your host what they would prefer,” Diane Gottsman, an international etiquette expert, told the outlet. “A good guest would, at the very least, make their bed and also make sure the guest room is tidy before their departure on the final day.”

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Because there’s no definitive rule, some viewers accused Martice of being too mean and said they empathized with the Airbnb guests. 

“Girl you the only one trippin,” one viewer said.

“How bout stop complaining about something there’s a fee for,” another wrote. “They left the airbnb clean and nicely kept.”

“Put a sign up,” a third commenter advised. “People just trying to get their deposit back.”

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Others, however, seemed to understand Martice’s frustrations and said that they, too, strip their beds. 

“You put it on the floor!” one user said.

“I put them on the floor to let the person know which rooms been slept in and which ones needs to be washed,” another added. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Martice via TikTok comment and to Airbnb by email.

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Update 11:40am CT April 23: In an email tot he Daily Dot, an Airbnb spokesperson shared the following: “We ask guests to follow the standard check out instructions provided by their Host for their stay. Checkout should require very little effort, and we provide information for our Hosts on ensuring a clear and simple checkout after a stay.”

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*First Published: Apr 21, 2024, 11:00 am CDT
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