'broke girl's Advil and Tito's Vodka hack


‘Make it vanilla vodka and get a Diet Coke’: Viewers defend self-described ‘broke girl’s Advil and Tito’s Vodka hack

‘Gotta do what you gotta do.’


Grace Fowler


A girl on TikTok went viral for posting a “broke girl” drinking hack video that she uses at restaurants: filling an empty bottle of Advil with vodka to use as a flask at dinner. 

The video, posted by New York City local Ellie (@elliewilliams_1), has been viewed more than 720,000 times as of Tuesday evening.

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Ellie says that being a broke girl in New York City means finding new hacks to save money. “Tell me this isn’t a genius idea,” her video is captioned. 

In the video, Ellie empties out a bottle of Advil and pours Tito’s Vodka to the brim.

“You can take it to dinner with you, get one mocktail which is cheaper than a regular cocktail, spike your drink, and only have to pay for one,” she said. 

“Gotta do what you gotta do,” she added.

Viewers in the comment section defended Ellie saying they have tried their own drinking hacks to save money.

“One time I filled a Mario Badescu face mist with tequila and just sprayed it in my mouth all night…” one person said. 

“I’ve been using medicine bottles for a year, it’s the best,” another person said.

Some viewers noted that mocktails are not always much cheaper than a regular cocktail.

“No, because mocktails are only a dollar less,” one comment says. 

In response another viewer suggested, “You could, however, do soda, and this makes more sense.”

“Make it vanilla vodka and get a Diet Coke. You’re welcome,” another commenter suggested. 

One viewer pokes fun at the fact that she used an Advil bottle instead of a normal flask. “Do they search your bag at dinner? Just use a flask,” it says. 

“They don’t pat you down at a restaurant,” another viewer joked. 

Another commenter suggested that “the problem is that the $17 cocktail has become standard EVERYWHERE, like that price should be reserved for NYC.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ellie via TikTok direct message for further comment. 

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