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‘Bro is turning down his largest ever slurpee sale’: 7-Eleven customer tries to fill Home Depot bucket with Slurpee. It’s a fail

'You can’t just make your own rules.'


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Posted on Aug 23, 2023   Updated on Aug 23, 2023, 3:12 pm CDT

In a feat reminiscent of an internet legend trying to fill a 5-liter container with Baja Blast, a man arrived at a 7-Eleven with a Home Depot bucket, his sights set on a Slurpee, and a dream.

TikTok account Dotz Show (@dotzshow) is responsible for the video documenting the Slurpee fail. It’s an offshoot of a YouTube channel boasting that the people behind the show are the “original creators of ‘you cannot use the double gulp cup for the f***** slurpee.'”

This particular video, labeled “Slurpee Bucket Full Clip pt 2,” shows the encounter between a Dotz Show principal and a 7-Eleven store clerk. The customerhas a row of cups to gather Slurpee drinks, and also has a Home Depot bucket with what appears to be a straw and tube contraption.

@dotzshow Slurpee Bucket Full Clip pt 2 #dotzshow #vankarma #slurpee ♬ original sound – Dotz Show

“You can’t do that!” the clerk says with alarm, coming over to where the customer has set up.

“I’m paying for it!” he explains, noting that he’s measuring Slurpee drinks cup by cup before putting them in the bucket.

The clerk instructs him to only get one, and he responds, “I don’t want one. I want the whole bucket.”

The clerk expresses a concern that it’s difficult to know how many cups equal one bucket, and the creator insists he’s keeping count and reassures the clerk he’ll pay for all the frozen drink he’s able to fit into the bucket.

As the clerk moves away in frustration, an unidentified voice behind the person filming says, “Dude, It doesn’t make sense to use 100 cups in a bucket.”

The customer responds, “Man, f*ck you! I’m putting ’em in here because this is the way I like to do it.”

The TikTok video has drawn more than 1.8 million views since going up on Aug. 13.

Many commenters defended the man’s right to a bucket full of Slurpee.

“Bro is turning down his largest ever slurpee sale,” one quipped.

Another tried to apply math, saying, “Slurpee cups are 32 oz. 128 oz = 1 gal. 5 gal [bucket]. 20-32 oz cups. Simple math.”

Someone else offered to “correct” the math, saying, “no 4 x 32 equals 128″—which works out to be the same 5 gallons = 20 Slurpee cups equation.

Another suggested, “If I was the owner I would give him a deal if he filled bucket with 1 cup, win win for both.”

But someone else wondered if he could indeed be trusted, saying, “The problem is that they don’t trust how many cups he will put inside,” adding, “He can say he put 5 but actually put 10. You can’t just make your own rules.”

“So just stand there and count with him, then get the big sale,” someone else suggested. “Problem solved!”

Another commenter, however, had a good point about how this would end up: “it’s gonna revert back to just liquid.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to both the creator and to 7-Eleven via email.

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*First Published: Aug 23, 2023, 2:57 pm CDT