Dermatologist shares which common products she would never use

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‘I can not part from my space heater’: Dermatologist shares which common products she would never use

‘Can result in multiple warts.’


Tiffanie Drayton


A dermatologist has some tips for better skin, and many are taking note.

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In a viral TikTok video with over 6.4 million views and thousands of likes, user Dr. Jean Charles (@skinyoureinblog) listed five things she would never do as a board-certified dermatologist.

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The doctor’s first rule seemed pretty straightforward.

“I would never pick at or chew on any warts that I may have,” she said.

The doc explained that these types of growths are caused by a viral infection and should be carefully cared for.

“Warts are caused by the HPV virus and can be easily spread when you pick at them,” the woman continued. “And can result in multiple warts from just one wart.”

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The dermatologist said she treated multiple patients who chewed on their warts and developed warts around their mouths. She recommends applying over-the-counter medication called Compound W to any warts that appear on the skin and covering it with duct tape at night. If a couple months go by and the wart does not go away on its own, a doctor should be consulted for other treatment options.

The useful tips didn’t end there.

“I would never use heating pads or space heaters for a prolonged period of time,” the doc continued.

This is because the heat exposure can result in a rash called Erythema Abi Igne, which can cause “permanent discoloration and in some cases can also cause some skin cancers to form within that rash,” she explained.

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The third tip touched on a very popular product: disposable wipes.

“I would never use any kind of flushable wipes, especially when cleaning down there,” Dr. Charles said.

The popular product was reportedly the cause of numerous cases of contact dermatitis treated by the skin care professional.

“It contains fragrances as well as preservatives that are known contact allergens,” she explained. “The itch can be unbearable.”

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The doctor also claimed that she would never use natural deodorants, because they tend to contain a lot of essential oils and scents that can cause cases. Instead, she recommended targeting bacteria in sweaty areas by using a benzoyl peroxide washes. She concluded the video with a final tip: never walk outside without shoes, especially in public places.

“That’s how people tend to get warts on their feet,” she said. “You can also get foot fungus on your feet.”

In the comments section, there were mixed reactions to the dermatologist’s tips, though many found them to be useful.

“I can not part from my space heater,” user tnw7800 commented.

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“I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that natural deodorant has more fragrance than antiperspirant,” user Hope Lucas said.

Some even offered their own tips.

@skinyoureinblog nothing gives me the ick more than seeing people walk barefoot through the airport 🤢🙅🏽‍♀️#5thingsiwouldneverdo #dermdoctor #footfungus #toenailfungus #naturaldeodorant #warts #wartremoval #spaceheater #greenscreen #dermatologist ♬ Ariana Grande Last Christmas Showmusik Dance Remix – Showmusik
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“I had warts as a kid,” user My Banema commented. “Vaseline around the wart, raw piece of garlic on top, and a bandaid over night. Goes away in 1-3 days!”

“If you are getting a rash from natural deodorant it’s because of the baking soda!” another user added. “Get baking soda free natural deodorant & no rash.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Dr. Jean Charles for comment and further information.

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