McFlurry at Costco

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‘My McDonald’s ain’t even got mcflurries’: Customer praises $4.99 McFlurry dupe at Costco. Viewers are here for it

'It looks way better at Costco than at Mcds!'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 16, 2023

There may be a lot of talk about Costco’s food court operating at a loss because of its low-priced items, but the chain’s snack hut generates a lot of income—around $1 billion for the chain annually.

Depending on the Costco location, however, its food court offerings vary. One Canadian shopper at the chain showed off a McFlurry “dupe” that got several commenters who responded to her video very excited.

TikToker V’s (@vdea) clip accrued over 991,000 views as of Saturday, which proudly displays the dessert.

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“Run to Costco right now,” the TikToker says directly into the camera. “They have McFlurries.”

The camera transitions to reveal a Costco food court menu, supporting her claim about the addition of the tasty dairy dessert being added to the menu.

“They have Oreo and Skor flavor,” she says, and sure enough, the Blizzard/McFlurry-esque desserts are shown, for sale, on Costco’s food court menu for $4.99 a-piece.

While this seems like a pretty steep price compared to Costco’s other offerings, when the clip transitions yet again, the TikToker reveals a massive mini-bucket of ice cream in her hand. She purchased the Oreo variety, and says, “Oh my God, amazing,” showing off the hunk of deliciousness.

V isn’t the only TikToker to brag about the tasty offering online, either. The @tasting2gether account dropped news of the menu item a few months back, but it looks like now more locations are giving customers the option of chowing down on a “McFlurry dupe” from the comfort of their own Costco.

If you haven’t seen these for sale at your local Costco, there may be a reason for that—it looks like they’re currently only being offered in Canada. Delishably covered @tasting2gether’s video, highlighting a comment from one user who said that USA’s Costco’s food courts are trying to keep up with the Great White North’s menu. The TikToker also wrote in several comments that the location was in Gloucester, near Ottawa.

Commenters who saw V’s clip, however, are hoping that these treats make their way stateside. One person sadly penned, “I thought this was Ontario California.”

While another remarked, “Canadian Costco food court is where it’s at. They don’t play.”

Someone tried finding consolation in the fact that Canucks never got to have a Cinnamon-flavored dessert, writing, “If it makes the Americans feel better Canada Costco has never had churros lol!!”

“It tastes really good!” one viewer said. “Better than mcFlurry but $5 compared to the cone. Also they got rid of the hot fudge/ caramel which makes me sad.”

It seems not all Canadian Costco locations have received the McFlurry Dupe drop yet. One user asked, “Is it in Vancouver yettttt,” while someone else wrote, “Was just there, didn’t see these…. haven’t come to BC yet.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Costco via email and V via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 16, 2023, 8:54 am CDT