Restauranteur blasts the way you order catering

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‘Just to let you know, that is less than 3 wings per person for a party of 60’: Restaurateur blasts the way you order catering

"Not everybody eats pork, and we have the other food, so it'll be okay.


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Posted on Sep 2, 2023

In a humorous, trending TikTok video that has garnered over 212,000 views, user gangsta_gramps uses a split-character technique to inform a catering customer how he’s ordered “less than 3 wings per person for a party of 60.”

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The 2:41-minute video starts with one character expressing their desire to host a catered party in a restaurant’s back room. They claim, “Hi. We’d like to have a catered party in that back room next week. It’s for about 60 school teachers.” The accommodating restaurant employee, also played by gangsta_gramps, is quick to assist and provides the catering menu for selection.

As the customer places the order, choosing items like sliders, ribs, chicken wings, salads, and chicken Alfredo, the employee patiently goes over each selection to clarify quantities. He astutely points out, “Each wing platter comes with 50 wings. You ordered 3; that gives you 150 wings. Just to let you know, that is less than 3 wings per person for a party of 60.”

Despite the employee’s patient explanations and evident experience, the customer is confident that their order is sufficient. He brushes off concerns with the belief that “not everybody eats pork, and we have the other food, so it’ll be okay.”

However, the twist comes at the end of the video. The scene shifts, and the same customer is angry because the food ran out after only six guests had eaten. The same employee, who had previously tried to advise against such miscalculations, wittily remarks, “Really? You don’t say. If only someone was there to tell you that this wasn’t gonna be enough food when you first booked it, you wouldn’t be having this problem. Have a great day.”

Through this clever skit, gangsta_gramps underscores the importance of listening to professionals when planning events. The clip offers a glimpse into the often-ignored challenges faced by service industry workers who must manage customers’ expectations against real-world limitations.

One commenter had a similar problem: “I did a grand opening they had to have a server at each station to limit each person to 2 wings, 1 rib, 1 pizza, 1 scoop each side, etc.”

Another had a suggestion, asking, “Are the platters all placed on the buffet at the same time? Maybe he should stage it.” He responded, “We give the option to the guest. 99% of the time, they just want the food out quickly and at the same time because these events are usually quick since we are a restaurant, not a catering company.”

One person put it on the people, suggesting, “People don’t think it’s all you can eat; they just don’t care if the person behind them gets food.”

Restaurant workers often take to TikTok to coach customers on how to be better patrons. One Subway employee recently revealed what he would say to rude customers. A former busser says there’s no need to stack your dishes at the end of a meal. And a server went viral after sharing her top customer icks.

The Daily Dot contacted gangsta_gramps via TikTok for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 2, 2023, 10:12 pm CDT