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‘I need to know who got it!’: 2 guys apply to the same job at Kohl’s. Who will get hired?

‘We’re waiting for those results who got it?’


Beau Paul


The latest “reality show” faceoff may not come from network TV or any of the streamers. It might come from TikTok and the 3 million viewers that are now figuring out if they’re Team Luke or Team Adrian after viewing this viral video that asks “Who is going to win the race to get the job at Kohl’s?”

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“Got two dudes applying for the same job,” says Mason (@williampilk) at the top of the video he dropped three days ago that has already brought in a jaw-dropping 3.2 million-plus views at the time this article was published.

In the video, we find Mason’s friends Adrian and Luke in the back seat of a car, getting ready to go toe to toe for the same retail job at the department store chain Kohl’s. Although Luke is first to go in and interview, Mason is already handicapping him.

“Luke’s got him in the dress department,” Mason notes. And in fact, he is dressed a bit more interview appropriate than Adrian who is only wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Although Luke is only wearing a polo shirt and jeans himself.

Adrian doesn’t appear shaken by the judgment though. He returns to the car later to say the interview went “Pretty good. She [the interviewer] smiled, laughed at my jokes.”

Luke leaves the car next and Adrian looks into the camera to say “He ain’t getting the job.” Luke returns in high spirits though.

“Really hit it off. Really felt a connection,” he tells the camera about the interviewer.

“Are you serious right now?” Adrian asks.

“They said they’d get back to me within 24 hours,” Luke responds confidently.

For whatever reason, viewers have found the contest as compelling as a pay-per-view prize fight, with many of the comments begging to know the results of the “match.”

“Tell us what happens and who gets the job, I’m betting on jeans,” writes not a hater (@uldzed).

“Money on left,” writes one commenter with another countering, “Money is on Adrian.”

“I’m mad invested in this,’ one viewer proclaimed. Another commented “who got the job? i wanna know I need to know.”

Whether you’re Team Luke or Team Adrian, it looks like it may take more than 24 hours to find out who gets the job. So far Mason hasn’t indicated any outcome in the comments or in a follow-up video.

Perhaps the interest is bolstered by ubiquity nationwide of the retailer. On TikTok, it’s common to see Kohl’s, which boasts 1,170 stores nationwide, being discussed in terms of shopping hacks and labor concerns.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Mason via TikTok for an update.

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