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‘Avoid them’: Cancer dietician shares the 2 foods you should stay away from

‘No more Jersey Mikes for me.’


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A popular oncology dietician who shares helpful content about reducing “cancer risk [with] nutrition facts” took her 154,000 followers with her to the grocery store.

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“There are only two foods that increase cancer risk, and I’mma take you into the grocery store and spot them for you so you can avoid them,” Nichole Andrews, a registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in oncology nutrition, tells them in a video that amassed a whopping 2 million views.

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First, Andrews stops by the alcohol section. She says alcohol “increases risk of six different cancers.” In the text overlay, she notes that alcohol increases your risk of “liver, breast, colon, mouth/throat, and esophageal” cancer.

Andrews says that this applies to all alcohol, including red wine, as well as different rates of consumption. “Any type of alcohol at any level of consumption will increase your risk of six different cancers,” she says.

Next, Nichole journeys to the processed meat section of the store. “Processed, deli meat—they’re going to increase risk of colorectal cancer,” she says.

That includes pre-cooked sausages. “You want to buy the raw meats and cook them,” she suggests.

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Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon and rectum. 

On the flip side, the dietitian shows some common misconceptions about the correlation between foods and cancer. She says diet soda, oatmeal, milk, and seed oil do not increase one’s risk of cancer, despite what many people believe.

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Viewers weren’t the least bit surprised.

“That’s why I take out the process from my ham and turkey before I eat it,” one viewer stated.

“Alcohol was obvious, I guessed processed meat and boom you said it,” a second remarked.

“I know that processed meat is no good. No more Jersey Mikes for me,” a third commented.

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How does alcohol increase cancer risk?

Regardless of the type of alcohol and how much you consume, alcohol contains ethanol. And ethanol converts into acetaldehyde. This is toxic to the body and can cause permanent damage to the DNA, according to MD Anderson Cancer Center. “This compound damages DNA and stops our cells from repairing the damage. This can allow cancerous cells to grow,” MD Anderson Cancer Center notes on its site.

What about processed meat?

Processed meat contains carcinogens. “When we eat them, nitrates and nitrites can become N-nitroso chemicals (NOCs) that can damage the cells that line our bowel. This damage can lead to bowel cancer. Added nitrates may be the reason why processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer more than red meat,” per Cancer Research UK.

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Are there foods that help prevent cancer?

Yes, certain foods reduce one’s risk of cancer. Those include “berries, broccoli, tomatoes, walnuts, grapes and other vegetables, fruits and nuts,” according to MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Furthermore, lean meats, poultry, and grains are important foods that help maintain a healthy diet. There has also been no evidence to suggest seed oils cause cancer. When it comes to soda, things get a bit more complicated. While there is also no hard evidence to suggest diet soda causes cancer, drinking too much of it can lead to things like obesity, which, in turn, “increases your risk for breast (after menopause), colorectal, uterine, kidney and pancreatic cancers,” according to MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Nichole via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

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