Netflix is a global platform for movie and TV streaming. It launched as a subscription-based streaming site in 2007, and offers new movies and TV shows every month. In 2013, Netflix debuted it first original programming.

‘Breaking Bad’ movie will show us what happened to Jesse Pinkman
Netflix released a first look at the movie, featuring Skinny Pete protecting his longtime friend.
ICE cuts the cord on real immigrant hotline after being featured in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ (updated)
'OITNB' cast and crew sent a letter to the acting ICE director, demanding that the hotline be restored.
How ‘Stranger Things’ is inspiring new waves of Dungeons and Dragons fans
Dungeons and Dragons isn't just for your mom's basement anymore.
‘Fast and Furious’ + ‘American Ninja Warrior’ = Netflix’s ‘Hyperdrive’
Charlize Theron produces this wild, diverse, and hella fun competition.
Christian movie review site blasts Netflix’s ‘The Family’
The review said it depicts 'Bible-believing Christian conservatives as power-hungry elitists and hypocrites.'
‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ dazzles with a timely tale
Netflix's project honors Jim Henson's film with stunning world-building and mythology.
Robert De Niro’s company is suing ex-employee for binge-watching Netflix at work
She watched 55 episodes of 'Friends' in four days.
Netflix’s ‘Sextuplets’ proves Marlon Wayans is no Eddie Murphy—or even Mike Myers
Wayans plays seven characters in this disastrous romp, but he certainly doesn't earn seven times the laughs.
Netflix’s ’45 rpm’ is as tired as the boomer rock era it tries to honor
Did the creators learn nothing from the failure of HBO's 'Vinyl'?
Netflix debuts upcoming releases section on the Netflix TV app
It could be a huge deal for the streaming giant's smaller releases.
Invader Zim is still delightfully weird in ‘Enter the Florpus’
'Invader Zim' has matured without losing any of the elements that endeared it to subculture teens in the first place.
‘Dear White People’ season 3 reflects the exhaustion of the times—for better or for worse
The Netflix series struggles to find itself in its third season.
‘Mindhunter’ season 2 offers no happy endings
The binge-worthy new season leaves some doors open for the future.
‘Mindhunter’ season 2 brings out the memes
More like hunting for more episodes of this series!
Kevin Smith announces a He-Man reboot for Netflix
Here's what we know about 'Masters of the Universe: Revelations.'
The ‘Final Destination’ movies are now streaming on Hulu
Thinking about cheating death? Not so fast...
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