I should have stayed curious about gojo figure incident


What is the ‘Gojo figure incident?’

Sometimes fandoms take it too far.


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The Gojo Figure Incident refers to a since-deleted fan video in which a TikToker known as Azzy (@azulliee_) wrings out a used, soaked tampon onto an action figure of Satoru Gojo, a character from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.

When she finishes soaking it in blood, she slings the tampon over its arm and concludes the video. “Gojo after Toji jumped him colorized,” she captioned the video, referring to a scene in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The hard-to-watch video has gone viral several times over—no matter how many times the internet tries to make it disappear. It’s even sparked some conversation about what is and isn’t okay in the world of fandom TikToks.

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The video went viral very quickly as people could not believe what they had watched. Though Azzy was quickly banned for the content of the video, it lived on. Months later, it continues to re-emerge from screengrabs of the original. While some are simply shocked, there are a lot who think the Gojo Figure Incident speaks to the extremes of fandom.

Reactions to the Gojo figure incident

People on different corners of the internet shared their disgust and shock at the Gojo figure incident. While many understood the reference she made, there were many in disbelief at the way she went about it.

As the video spread, people reacting to it became a meme in and of itself. The wide range of reactions is an interesting representation of fans of the series.

The only thing more shocking than the Gojo figure incident to fans is the fact that it’s inspired other, more explicit videos in its wake.

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