Why YouTube is the best place to stream the election


Who needs a TV? YouTube’s politics channel combines the power of major network coverage with reports from citizen journalists on the ground at polling places.

It’s election day. And although there will be plenty to read and see online about today’s big event, the real news doesn’t start happening until 7 p.m., when polls start to close on the East Coast. But if you don’t have a television, don’t despair: YouTube’s politics channel might be the best place to find live election night coverage.

For much of this election cycle, YouTube has been live streaming every major event in the race: the conventions, the speeches and the debates. Election night will be no exception. But even better than the live streaming will be all of the videos produced and posted by YouTube’s partners, including the New York Times, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Al Jazeera English and the Wall Street Journal. YouTube calls it a “one-stop channel” for all your political needs.

YouTube’s live election coverage starts at 12pm ET, and it will jump between coverage from ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, Larry King and the New York Times throughout the day.

The channel is also being updated with videos from professional reporters and citizen journalists, to show how Election Day is unfolding on the ground.

With the polls set to close in just hours, the politics channel is also hosting campaign videos from both Obama and Romney, making their last-minute cases to voters. But the number of views, likes, followers and fans doesn’t matter anymore. Tonight, it’s all about the electoral college. Tonight, America decides the path for its future.

Be sure to tune in.

Image via Mitt Romney/Facebook 

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