white lives matter protest

Screengrab via Keri Blakinger/Twitter

Please stop.

The alt-right has had a pretty active week, what with rigging online debate polls and tirelessly defending Donald Trump‘s buffoonery. Now they’ve taken to the streets of Houston for a White Lives Matter protest that has regrettably dragged Pepe the frog back into the fold, whether creator Matt Furie (who’s voting for Hillary Clinton, FYI) likes it or not.

The protest occurred on Saturday, just a few hours after Reply All’s Alex Goldman made this startling discovery.

Turns out Pepe isn’t the only internet icon embroiled in the alt-right’s racist agenda. In addition to using echoes as a means of anti-semitism, apparently online white supremacists are using the word “skype” to mask their hatred.

The N-word is now google, Libertarians are “a leppo” a la Gary Johnson’s gaffe, Muslims and Arabs are skittles a la Donald Trump Jr’s racist meme, and I’m a yahoo car salesman. It’s all really stupid.

So, what have we learned from yet another glimpse into the hate-fueled abyss that is the alt-right? Nothing, really. Just more racism trotted out in wholly uncreative ways.

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