Rihanna calls Trump rallies ‘tragic’ after president uses her music

Late Sunday night, Washington Post  White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker tweeted from a rally for President Donald Trump in Chattanooga, Tennessee: It’s been said a million times, but here’s a million and one — Trump’s rallies are unlike anything else in politics. Currently, Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ is blaring in Chattanooga as aides toss free Trump T-shirts into the crowd, like a ball game. Everyone’s loving it.”

Of course, Rihanna saw the tweet and was not having it.

“Not for much longer,” the pop superstar and makeup mogul tweeted. “Me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies,  so thanks for the heads up philip!”

It’s not clear whether Rihanna‘s team has yet taken legal action against the Trump campaign, but she did call the rallies “tragic,” which is nearly as damaging.

Trump was in Tennessee in support of Marsha Blackburn, the Senate candidate who lied about Planned Parenthood selling fetus parts (they did not), does not conclusively believe that climate change is caused by human activity, and opposes same-sex marriage.

Blackburn is running against former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, who Taylor Swift endorsed in an Instagram post last month.

Rihanna had previously endorsed Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is running against Rep. Ron DeSantis in the Florida governor’s race.

“FLORIDA: You have the opportunity to make history this election. Let’s #bringithome. Vote @andrewgillum. And VOTE YES on Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to folks who have already paid their debt to society. VOTE on November 6th,” she tweeted on Sunday. 

An Instagram post went into more detail—”The US has only had four black Governors in its entire history, and we can help make #AndrewGillum the next and Florida’s first!” Rihanna also called out specific issues—wage increases for teachers, repealing Stand Your Ground, criminal justice and healthcare reform, and increasing the minimum wage—in her post.

Numerous musicians have been calling on Trump to not use their music at his rallies, most recently Pharrell.

Ellen Ioanes

Ellen Ioanes

Ellen Ioanes is the FOIA reporter at the Daily Dot, where she covers U.S. politics. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, and her work has appeared in the Guardian, the Center for Public Integrity, HuffPost India, and more.