Trump gets a taste of his own medicine after he can’t find his limo

Screengrab via FOX 10 Phoenix/Youtube


President Donald Trump is being mocked for wandering past his limo after getting off of a plane on Monday.

While it may seem a bit strange to mock someone for walking, the video in question is also, well, a bit strange.

After getting off of Air Force One and waving to a crowd, Trump walks down the stairs right past a parked car clearly waiting for him to get in.

Trump then wanders around a group of people in the opposite direction of the car, looking around aimlessly before a Secret Service member points him in the direction of the car.

The video is entirely benign, but it sparked criticism due to Trump making an issue of people not being able to get into cars in the past.

In October, Trump criticized then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for not having the stamina to be president after she stumbled into a limo.

“She can’t make it 15 feet into her car,” Trump said as he mocked her by flopping his arms. “Give me a break.”

Clearly, people on Twitter found Trump’s conundrum amusing.

You can watch the Trump-limousine video here:

Andrew Wyrich

Andrew Wyrich

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