Donald Trump Wearing a Cowboy Hat

Screenshot via @CSPAN/Twitter

Let the memes begin.

President Donald Trump dove into a pool of his own element on Monday with a “Made in America Day” event at the White House that featured everything from fire trucks to 10-gallon hats.

The event marks the start of Trump’s new “Made in America Week,” which he made official on Monday, to celebrate American manufacturers and promote growth in American business.

Appearing sprightly and energized, Trump perused the various vehicles assembled outside the White House and later tested out some of the other products on display in the Made in America Product Showcase. It was a light-hearted moment for an embattled administration. And it made for some great photos, which quickly began to go viral on Monday.

Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Epstein snapped what is likely the most popular image of the day: Trump sitting in a fire truck as Vice President Mike Pence held open the door.

“Where’s the fire? I’ll put it out,” Trump said to the crowd.

People on Twitter (to be specific, snarky media people) were quick to jump on the photo as something more than just a 70-year-old world leader pretending to be a firefighter.

Epstein later snapped a picture of Trump holding one of the inscribed Marucci baseball bats (made in Louisiana), some of which were presented to the Louisiana delegation.

Trump also tried on a Stetson cowboy hat (made in Texas, of course) and posed for the cameras.

Trump has run his campaign under the “America first” banner, with jobs taking center stage in his administration’s rhetoric and efforts. However, “Made in America Week” began with uncomfortable reminders that many products produced under the Trump name are manufactured outside the United States.

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