Donald Trump’s spokesperson doesn’t regret her 2012 tweet about ‘pure breeds’

Donald Trump‘s spokesperson Katrina Pierson lamented the lack of “pure breeds” in the 2012 presidential race, and the tweet has resurfaced four years later. 

Pierson posted the tweet during the 2012 presidential race. Politicos are frequently embarrassed when their unsavory tweets resurface—but not Pierson. 

She was asked about the tweet Sunday on CNN’s Reliable Sources and didn’t walk back her remarks, arguing that referencing the “breed” of the presidential candidates was not offensive because she herself identifies with the term “half-breed.” 

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“Look, these tweets—I’m an activist, and I am a half-breed, I’m always getting called a half-breed, and on Twitter, when you’re fighting with liberals and even establishment, you go back at them in the same silliness they’re giving you,” Pierson said. “So I myself am a half-breed.” 

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling also weighed in on Twitter. Pierson’s tweet drew comparisons to the Potter series because half-wizard characters are sometimes derogatorily referred to as “half-breeds” in the books. 

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Kate Conger

Kate Conger

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