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Screengrab via Mindfulness for Children/YouTube

Anti-Trump ad calls on Americans living in Denmark to vote.

Donald Trump is rolling his eyes all across Denmark as the city buses stroll through the streets.

An ad paid for by Denmark’s Socialist Party calls on eligible Americans in Denmark to vote. It’s clear who they don’t want as a president of the United States.

Pia Olsen Dyhr, the Socialist People Party’s leader, told AdWeek that although a sense of humor was used for the ad, Denmark is taking American elections seriously.

“Mr. Trump’s political views are very far from ours, and I find it rather scary to think of him sitting in the Oval Office,” Dyhr said. “I hope that we can influence some of the Americans living in Denmark and make them vote. Every vote counts.”

The ad was put together by creative agency Uncle Grey and will continue to ride through the cities until the election as there are currently 8,714 eligible American voters living in Denmark according to the party.

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