Trump’s wild ‘I will always capitalize Country’ claim is meme gold

President Donald Trump, seemingly out of nowhere, exclaimed on Twitter on Friday morning that he will “always” capitalize the word “country” when referring to the United States.

“When referring to the USA, I will always capitalize the word Country!” the president wrote.

The president is known for his odd use of capitalization in his tweets. As Business Insider points out, Trump routinely capitalizes “border,” “military,” and yes, even “country.”

While his capitalization habits have been dissected, the president has also made a number of typos in his tweets–”covfefe,” “council,” and “marine core,” some of the most eye-catching.

The sheer oddness of the tweet quickly brought reactions from people on Twitter.

Others took the “when referring to” part of Trump’s tweet and applied it to other things.

Of course, the president claiming that he always capitalizes “country” in his tweets is not correct.

Here are just a few recent examples where Trump wrote “country” (referring to the United States) and did not capitalize it:



Andrew Wyrich

Andrew Wyrich

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