2 topless women arrested for protesting Trump inside his own polling place

Polling place election day protest

Screengrab via sharonclott / Twitter

Going topless is legal in NYC. Protesting at a polling place isn’t.

This wild election is headed toward a wild end. 

Two women appear to have been arrested in New York City for protesting inside the polling station where Republican nominee Donald Trump will cast his ballot later today.

The women, who were topless, chanted anti-Trump slogans as what appear to be Secret Service agents grappled with them in front of a block of cameras and a stream of other voters.

Video of the incident was captured by Sharon Clott Kanter, a style director at People magazine. 

The incident occurred at the High School of Art and Design on 56th street in Manhattan, just five blocks from Trump Tower. Kanter reported a slew of Secret Service agents at the location ahead of Trump casting his ballot.

New York forbids any form of electioneering inside a polling location or within 100 feet of its entrance. Women are, however, free to go topless in public in New York City without breaking the law.

Andrew Couts

Andrew Couts

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