Trump alpha males are terrified of Mexico’s new president

Mexico elected a far-left leaning politician, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in an overwhelming fashion on Sunday. Now, it’s got supporters of President Donald Trump freaked out.

López Obrador ran on a platform of a strong social safety net, vowing to address poverty, violence, and corruption in a nation that’s been plagued by it.

And now—while a growing Democratic Socialist movement is challenging the American right, Trump’s strongest fans are freaking out from a staunchly liberal threat from the south.

Predominantly, in his campaign, López Obrador called immigration a “human right,” which has far-right conservatives thinking—without evidence—that he plans to flood the United States with criminals.

Those words, if you recall, echo the president’s presidential campaign speech, and Trump’s most notorious fan base. And now that López Obrador won, r/The_Donald, is worried.

Lopez Obrador won. President of every foreigner has a right to enter into the US and wants to flood the US with mass immigration criminals. Time to rev up aggressivly against Mexico. Sanctions. Sanctions. Sanctions from The_Donald

Others, who often cite Venezuela as an example of socialist policies creating a failed state, believe that an avowed leftist running the nation next to them will lead to greater poverty, which creates an even more urgent need for Trump’s border wall.

It was a call that echoed throughout the web.

López Obrador, an Atypical Leftist, Wins Mexico Presidency in Landslide. Put more simply, BUILD THE WALL NOW! from The_Donald

#BUILDTHEWALL! #BUILDTHEWALL! #BUILDTHEWALL! Mexico's Next President Boldly Declares That Immigration To The United States Is A "Human Right" from The_Donald

This man is now president of Mexico, we need the wall more than ever. from The_Donald

Then there was also the fear that Lopez Obrador would drive Mexico down the path of Nazism.

The new Mexican President is a National Socialist. He looks at America the same way Hitler looked at Poland and the Baltic States, just potential "Lebensraum" and wealth to be attained. from The_Donald

(It’s somewhat ironic given how much Trump and his supporters have been accused of careening toward fascism.)

While his supporters have decreed this new lefty threat will bring a whole host of new problems to America, President Trump offered his support in a tweet.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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