Cop holds teenagers at gunpoint for having a snowball fight

Next time there’s a blizzard in your neighborhood, you better think twice before you go outside to frolic in the snow. That’s what a group of youths from New Rochelle, N.Y., learned earlier this week, when a local police officer held them at gunpoint for having a snowball fight.

During the altercation, which was caught on tape and posted on the local news blog the Talk of the Sound, the policeman made the teenagers kneel on the ground and put their hands up. “Don’t fucking move, guys,” he’s heard saying as he approaches them. He then frisks one of the teens while pointing his gun at the other.

Given the severe tone of the police officer’s voice, you’d think that the teenagers in the video were up to something nefarious. But in the background of the video, the woman filming provides a brief explanation: “They were having a snowball fight,” she says. “This group of guys was having a snowball fight and now a cop has a gun on them.”

Fortunately, it sounds like the cop released them shortly thereafter and let them go on their merry way. (Talk of the Sound reports the police officer was responding to a report that one of the teenagers had a gun, but the New Rochelle Police Department couldn’t confirm that.) 

The next time you go outside to build a snowman in your backyard, don’t be surprised if a cop strolls by and starts reading you and the snowman your Miranda rights.

H/T Raw Story | Photo via Jim Kelly/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

EJ Dickson

EJ Dickson

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