Mitt Romney Super Tuesday

Both Republicans are trying to harness social media in their bids to become president.

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich want to know why you like them. In fact they want to know so badly, that they’d like you to tape yourself talking about it.

This week, both campaigns reached out to its followers on Facebook, asking them to make a short video telling the candidates why they stand with them. Romney got the ball rolling on Monday, posting an app by VideoGenie, in which visitors to his page could easily post a short video about why they were supporting him.

One user, John A., said, “I’m standing with Mitt Romney because I believe he has skin in the game. He has 16 grandchildren and he’s not in this for the money, for future book deals, or speaking engagements. He’s in it for that family, mine and yours and I think he’d make a great president.”

John’s reasons were echoed throughout many of the videos. One of the reasons that came up the most was Romney’s business background.

But while all of the videos praised Romney, some of the comments left on Facebook did not. For example, Chase Goodale wrote “Ignorance is its own reward. Congratulations Romney supporters. It must be complete bliss in lala land.”

Regardless of some of the negativity, overall the video project seemed well received and was a prime example of how Romney is stepping up his social media game to take on Barack Obama during the general election. Giving Facebook fans something more interactive and more engaging can only help the campaign’s efforts, as noted by.

“What is more interesting, and a telling sign of campaign effectiveness, is measuring and understanding which candidates are most engaging,” Katrina Wong,’s vice president of marketing told the Daily Dot.

“How many people comment, ‘Like’ or share a candidate’s content is a strong reflection of the candidate’s ability to motivate and influence online user engagement.”

As of Thursday evening the video project had gained more 1,400 “likes” and 1,700 comments.

Gingrich, whose campaign was reportedly winding down this week, was not about to be outdone. On Thursday his campaign was asking for similar videos.

Gingrich was encouraging supporters to upload videos on YouTube and then submit the link to the campaign website. The rules outlined by the campaign didn’t just ask for statements, but encouraged skits and songs!

One can only hope there is a Gingrich fan who can create something like the ever popular Rick Santorum anthem “Game On.” Or maybe not…

Photo via Mitt Romney’s Facebook

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