Trump’s inability to pronounce ‘anonymous’ sparks conspiracy theories


While President Donald Trump has spent his entire presidency railing against the use of anonymous sources, he’s stepped up his attacks in recent weeks, with the concurrent release of journalist Bob Woodward’s new book and the New York Times op-ed.

Given all the time and thought he’s given them, you’d think he’d be able to pronounce them. But at a rally in Billings, Montana, Thursday night, he couldn’t. Twice Trump flubbed the word “anonymous.”

In the past, Trump has slurred and tripped over words, most notably in his speech about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, which prompted a conspiracy theory that he’d been either wearing dentures or having a stroke. Twitter had similar conspiracy theories on Thursday.

Did Trump have a stroke?

Does Trump wear dentures?

Don’t expect any official answer on this. Do expect several tweets wondering why.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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