Outage knocks out all major phone providers on the East Coast

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Did your phone stop working this morning? You weren’t alone.

Every major phone carrier experienced outages on United States’ east coast this morning from about 11:00am local time until around 11:45am.

DownDetector.com, which tracks technology failure, illustrated the precipitous collapse of major networks. Each is now showing some measure of recovery.

Down Detector

T-Mobile CEO John Legare tweeted about the incident, pointing to issues with Level 3, a major internet backbone.

Level 3 acknowledged the problems and is currently investigating the cause.

Other tech firms quickly pointed to a Level 3 outage as well.

No specific information has been released on potential causes of the outage or consequences that may result from it. We are reaching out the service providers for more and will update this article as more information becomes available.

This story is developing.

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