The intersection of the internet and the state.

What are anons?
What is the term and how did it become mainstream.
A Missouri officer resigned after his Islamophobic Facebook posts surfaced
'I get to choose whom I dislike, and it just so happens to be all Muslims and their beliefs.'
New restaurant in New York has a seriously unfortunate name: ‘Qanoon’
On the bright side, the restaurant reportedly has delicious food.
MIT visiting scientist sends department-wide email defending Jeffrey Epstein (updated)
Richard Stallman referred to Jeffrey Epstein's victim as part of a 'harem' in a department-wide email.
Democratic debate didn’t include a single question about abortion
They literally talked about record players more.
DuckDuckGo promises to cooperate with government in Google probe
Google is also being investigated by a number of states.
Attack ad burning Ocasio-Cortez’s picture ignites fierce backlash
The ad inspired calls to boycott ABC and Sinclair Broadcast Group.
Rahm Emanuel has a take about Julian Castro vs. Joe Biden
He doesn't seem to be an impartial judge.
Texas state congressman tells Beto O’Rourke his ‘AR is ready for you’
The tweet was reportedly sent to the FBI.
‘Operation Black Swan’ spawns wild speculation over a no-deal Brexit
Black Swan is the alleged actual 'worst-case scenario' documents surrounding a no-deal Brexit.
Andrew Yang: ‘I’m Asian, so I know a lot of doctors’
It wasn't the best use of humor.
DeRay Mckesson calls out ‘bully’ Shaun King in receipt-filled blog post
Mckesson wrote the post with help from Black women activists.