The intersection of the internet and the state.

Occupy protesters get outside power—and access
Protesters around the country are cobbling together power sources and Internet access to communicate their cause online.
Happy Birthday Eleanor Roosevelt—love from Etsy
Celebrating activist Eleanor Roosevelt through Etsy
Reddit shuts down r/jailbait
Obnoxious requests for nude pics of an underage girl may have brought down r/jailbait.
Kanye West occupies Wall Street
Kanye West shows up at Occupy Wall Street. It's not clear what he has in common with the other 99 percent.
Planned attack on NYSE has little effect
Anonymous' mission to take down the New York Stock Exchange website appears to have failed, quietly.
Make gambling legal say advocates
Online poker advocates say gaming could generate cash and argue for making online gaming legal.
Drug war videos criticized
The YouTube videos that the Mexican government produced to smooth over public perception of the drug wars are fallling flat.
Like his status—or else
Maybe this is why Facebook doesn't have a "dislike" button.
Syrian protesters and supporters face off on social media
When a United Nations resolution condemning the Syrian goverment was vetoed, all took to Twitter—again— to vent.
Oops—now we all know Biz Stone’s politics
When Twitter cofounder Biz Stone used an app to ask his influential friends to endorse a candidate for San Francisco mayor, the messages went astray.
Anonymous occupies Occupy DC
The online collective inspires even non-hackers to join protests for jobs and health care in the nation's capital.
Industry giants and politicians reflect on Apple CEO’s life
Steve Jobs's work and life  affected everyone from the individual sitting alone with her computer to industry titans and politicians. Many weighed in upon his death.     
Kuwaiti officials arrest Twitter and YouTube users
Kuwaiti offiicials are apparently cracking down on citizens who post views online
Anonymous threatens New York Stock Exchange
A small fringe group from the hacker collective Anonymous have announced their intentions to attack the New York Stock Exchange on October 10.
RIP, Fred Shuttlesworth
Quotes, videos, and photos shared online give depth and meaning to the observance of a civil-rights activist's passing.
The Apple iPhone 4S announcement gets a collective “meh”
Apple finally rolled out it's next iPhone, Apple 5. Wait no. It's just iPhone 4s.
Pirates party with Reddit
The UK's political party, named the Pirate Party is asking for help—from users of the social news site.
Hank Williams Jr.’s Rowdy Friends banned
After Hank Williams Jr. likened President Obama to Hitler, ESPN pulled his iconic song from Monday Night Football.