The intersection of the internet and the state.

Jon Huntsman’s daughters take shots at Cain on YouTube
The GOP primary heats up as one candidate's family fires a satirical video across the bow of frontrunner Herman Cain.
Occupy trying to make Fetch not happen
The same man who antagonized Anonymous three years ago is now being accused of shenanigans at Occupy.
Reblog: This week on Tumblr, we pray for Barack Obama
Can the president learn how to be cool on Tumblr? Maybe he needs lessons from Unka Glen and our other latest Tumblr heroes.
Stamping out money is just fine for Occupy George
The guys behind Occupy George won't be facing arrest—for bill-stamping, anyhow.
Donald Trump vs. Lawrence O’Donnell
A Twitter fight we wish we could unsee.
Twitter shapes election in South Korea’s capital
Tweets from an influential professor may have pushed activist Park Won-soon into city hall.
Censored: China to tighten grip on microblogging services
In the wake of an uproar online over a train accident, China is looking to curb microblogging services in its favor. 
‘Security theater’: Jill Filipovic responds to recent TSA controversy
The lesson learned from responding to an inappropriate note left by a TSA agent: "Don't tweet anything you don't want to appear on The View."
The Facebook Primary: Romney far ahead, Cain on the rise
Much has been made about politicians leveraging social media. But how exactly do the Republican presidential candidates measure up on Facebook?
Don King occupies Wall Street
Don King brings his words to Occupy Wall Street.
Occupy Oakland gets gassed, flash-banged twice in 24 hours
Police hit Occupy Oakland protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets as they battled for territory last night outside Oakland city hall.
Herman Cain ad smokes viewers
Chief of staff Mark Block's tobacco habit raises questions among the political set.
Hiding your tracks with Tor could be risky, say some
A popular tool for hiding illicit Internet traffic may be vulnerable to attack say some experts.
Anonymous gets ready for November raids
Members of Anonymous, a loosely-knit group of hacktivists, are calling for a three-pronged attack on Facebook, banks and Fox News. The question is whether any of them will really happen.
99 Percent creator is passionate about the cause
The Daily Dot speaks to the creator of the 99 Percent blog. He discusses the need for it as well as his critics.
Barack Obama’s Tumblr leaves us wanting more
The Daily Dot applauds the president's move to Tumblr, but we still think Michelle should have gone first.
Hackers threaten to do more than leak personal police data
Hackers expose private information of law-enforcement personnel—and may have more to release.
Wikileaks is out of money
Wikileaks has suspended operations, saying it has no more money.