North Korea suffers Internet outages in lead-up to potential war

This is how war works in 2015.

The North Korean Internet has gone completely down twice in the past 12 hours as Kim Jong-un threatens to attack South Korea.

North Korea’s Internet is run by one provider and can be accessed by only a small portion of the population.

Last year, after the United States accused North Korea of hacking Sony, the communist nation experienced severe Internet outages widely attributed to American action.

The two countries traded artillery fire over the most heavily armed border in the world this week because of a conflict involving propaganda messages being broadcast from South to North.

Pyongyang’s military is mobilized for a “quasi-state of war” and is ordered “to be fully battle ready to launch surprise operations,” according to North Korean media.

Seoul’s military is now at “Jindogae-1,” the alert level signifying an impending invasion. The South Korean military has been ordered to immediately retaliate against any attacks.

H/T Daily Beast | Illustration by Jason Reed

Patrick Howell O'Neill

Patrick Howell O'Neill

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