Maybe he should have tried Facebook instead. People actually like wishing each other happy birthday on Facebook.

No matter what your politics are, you’ve got to sympathize with Mitt Romney on this one. The former Massachusetts governor had a Twitter birthday party, and nobody came.

Two days ago, the presidential candidate’s campaign team announced Romney’s upcoming 65th birthday on March 12. At the same time on Twitter, supporters encouraged Romney fans to tweet the hashtag #HBDMitt with birthday wishes for the candidate.

Unfortunately, just 19 people took them up on it.

BuzzFeed noticed earlier today that there were only 19 results for a Twitter search of the #HBDMitt hashtag. However, their story had a happy ending. Sympathetic BuzzFeed readers are pitching in to make Mitt’s birthday trend, even if it means reaching across the aisle.

“I disagree with the man on a lot, but hey he’s 65. #hbdmitt,” wrote @vocalminority.

At least in part thanks to BuzzFeed’s encouragement, mentions of #hbdmitt have shot up from 19 to more than 100.

Let’s hope this small victory distracts the Romney campaign from a larger trending topic with a more negative focus on the wealthy candidate: #youmightbemitt. Started by political Twitter user @indecision, this hashtag has several hundred mentions so far today.

@indecision If you don’t know which president is on the one dollar bill because you’ve never used one #YouMightBeMitt,” tweeted @michellaneous1.

@indecision If you think Butler University is a trade school for household servants, #YouMightBeMitt,” tweeted @rpukos.

Whether or not Romney’s birthday wishes trend today, at least the politician will be able to say that on his birthday, he was the talk of Twitter.

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