The person who owns @MexicanMitt appears to be making a point in his chistes. 

Forget Mitt Romney. It’s @MexicanMitt who, in his own words, is “taco the town.”

This two-month-old Twitter account has been poking fun at the presidential candidate with Spanish puns and exaggerated bravado.

“HERMAN CAIN is my COMPADRE FROM ANOTHER MADRE,” is just a sample tweet from the Spanglish jokester.

However, what most people don’t realize is that underneath this crass humor is a message about racism in America.

In January, the Huffington Post reported that Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, was born in an American colony in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Romney’s foreign roots run far deep. His Mormon family fled to Mexico in 1884 after the U.S. outlawed polygamy, once a pillar of the church. A whole branch of his family still lives there.

The Daily Dot has yet to hear back from @MexicanMitt, but we can guess this Twitter user wants to ensure that Americans do not forget this fact.

In between his punnier exclamations, he tweets black humor jokes about Romney’s very real planned policies against Mexican nationals in the U.S., including self deportation, a policy of making conditions so bad for (primarily Mexican) illegal immigrants that they leave on their own accord.

“I SWEPT THE PRIMARIES TONIGHT, because there are no more Mexicans left in ARIZONA,” he tweeted in Febuary.

@MexicanMitt is ensuring that Twitter doesn’t forget Romney’s roots. Let’s hope Romney recalls the same. 

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