Even President Obama celebrates Mean Girls Day


Don’t forget to wear pink. 

It may not be a recognized holiday, but to many Millennials, it’s Mean Girls Day.

October 3rd has the unique significance of being the most notable date mentioned in quotable hit, Mean Girls. For one day out of the year, fans forget about Lindsay Lohan’s current, questionable state and remember her in the role of Cady Heron, excitedly letting her crush know what day it is.

On Wednesday fans flooded Twitter and Tumblr with references to the 2004 film. Here are some of the ways the Internet celebrated Mean Girls Day.

Photo via ~grouchomarx/Tumblr

Lauren Rae Orsini

Lauren Rae Orsini

Lauren Rae Orsini is a web culture reporter who specializes in anime and the business of fandom. Her work has been published by Forbes and Business Insider.