Kim Jong-un has a new gravity-defying anime haircut

Kim Jong-un, child god-king of North Korea, has a new haircut intended to connect him to his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

It’s quite the barber’s trick, some kind of upside-down trapezoid that proudly defies the laws of physics.

That’s not the only new cosmetic upkeep to grace the tyrant’s head—he now sports half-shaved eyebrows. Who knows why? The Guardian calls it “a fine example of fashion’s current love of gender-neutral style.”

Ki Lee, founder and creative director of a London salon called Hurwundekei, told the Guardian that the new ‘do is possible with the tag-teaming efforts of perm and wax. “It’s not too easy to do on Asian hair, but we get a lot of people coming into the salon requesting this sort of volume,” Lee said.

Lee added that the hairstyle will require a new perm every few months, if it’s to be maintained. Of course, in the mean time, the Internet is having a heyday:

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H/T Guardian | Image via @frankfeinstein/Twitter

Dylan Love

Dylan Love

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