Charlottesville march organizer wanted for allegedly doxing protester

The organizer of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is wanted for arrest in Virginia after he allegedly doxed a counterprotester after the “Unite the Right” event.

Virginia resident Emily Gorcenski filed a misdemeanor complaint against Charlottesville organizer Jason Kessler on Monday for alleged “use of a person’s identity with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass,” the Daily Beast first reported.

Kessler is accused of sharing Gorcenski’s personal information on Twitter under a separate account, @RealByzantium, that tweeted the name, address and a photograph of Gorcenski’s home after the pro-white demonstration. 

Less than a week after the information was posted on the @RealByzantium account, an unknown person called 911, sending police to Gorcenski’s home on claims someone was brandishing a gun, a disruptive prank known as “swatting.”

The @RealByzantium account has previously been linked to Kessler’s private account from a retweet in September.

Kessler responded to the claims in a series of tweets accusing the Charlottesville magistrate of abusing his power. 

This is not Kessler’s first run-in with law enforcement. A court recently convicted him of assault and he faces a felony charge for allegedly fabricating portions of his story, according to the Daily Beast.

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Danielle Ransom

Danielle Ransom

Danielle Ransom is a journalist who has worked as a researcher for CNN, NBC's KXAN-TV, CBS' KEYE-TV.