Jessica Williams tells Jon Stewart that McKinney is ‘progress’ because ‘nobody is dead’

With schools letting out, June is supposed to be about gearing up for the summer and cooling off, not having to worry about the police attacking you for trying to attend a pool party.

A McKinney, Texas, police officer was placed on leave for tackling a 14-year-old girl and points his gun at the boys who tried to help her after residents said they showed up without permission (a claim refuted by many witnesses). It was once again time for Jon Stewart to inveigh against an appalling example of systemic racism in America’s police forces.

“He’s telling her to get her ass on the ground, and I believe it is literally on the ground,” Stewart said The Daily Show. “Not only is he being an asshole, he’s redundant.”

But for Jessica Williams, who wore body armor underneath a bathing suit (aka a “McKinney bikini”), it was progress from what she’d seen in previous police confrontations.

“Jon, it’s progress because a cop pulled a gun on a group of black kids and nobody is dead,” she noted, pointing out that even Chicago took notice and had a shootout with Roman candles, not guns.

Screengrab via The Daily Show

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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