In his final days, Jon Stewart savors the Donald Trump hysteria while he still can

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The Daily Show

The ‘Daily Show’ host is clearly beginning to regret leaving now.

With a two-week break behind him, Jon Stewart is getting back to what he does best in these dark times: mercilessly mock presidential candidate Donald Trump.

After attacking Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)’s war service, Trump is now at the point in his campaign where fellow Republicans are calling him a disgrace and fellow candidates want him to step out of the race. In just about every other instance, a candidate would apologize for his words, even if he went with a non-apology. But not Trump.

As Stewart explained on The Daily Show, we shouldn’t be surprised about Trump. We’ve already seen what happens when an Internet comments section comes to life in American politics.

It’s a new level of asshole that we’re just not used to—and correspondent Jordan Klepper is all for it.

If elected, he pointed out, Trump would be the first openly asshole president. Even fellow asshole Paul Rudd, appearing as Stewart’s guest, could get behind that.

Stewart can’t help it. He loves this man—and with three weeks left, he’s enjoying this holiday as long as he can.

Screengrab via The Daily Show

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