Jared Kushner waited for an awkward 2 minutes outside of a government office building.


Watch Jared Kushner wait an excruciating 2 minutes to be let into a government office

Well, this is awkward.


Kris Seavers

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Jared Kushner, husband to Ivanka Trump and son-in-law to President Donald Trump, waited for nearly two minutes to be let into the Office of the United States Trade Representative on Thursday evening. To Kushner, those two minutes must have felt like a lifetime.

A video posted to Twitter by New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel shows Kushner’s excruciating wait in front of a cohort of journalists.

Flanked by his body guard, Kushner mostly stares at the door as members of the media pepper him questions.

“Is there a deal tonight with NAFTA?” one reporter asks. “Actually, how is it going with Canada?” another inquires.

As Kushner continuously buzzes the doorbell and checks his phone, the questions get harder.

“As for the op-ed, how concerned are you about that?” someone asks, referring to the anonymous New York Times op-ed published Wednesday that describes a resistance from within his father-in-law’s administration.

Kushner sways a little, presumably silently begging the door to swing open. After just under 2 minutes, it finally did.

People on Twitter loved every millisecond.



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