Cohen sentencing memo, Trump tweet fuel ‘Individual-1’ memes


After special counsel Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors filed separate memos Friday evening recommending sentences for Michael Cohen, it became increasingly apparent that President Donald Trump was the coded “Individual-1” referenced in other investigation documents revealed this week.

As Mashable reports, the court documents both from Mueller and prosecutors discuss “Individual-1” in regards to the investigation into Russian interference. The documents describe the person as having run an “ultimately successful campaign for President of the United States.”

The label made for an instant Twitter meme.

Later Friday evening, Trump added fuel to the meme fire with an oblivious tweet: “Totally clears the President,” he wrote. “Thank you!”

The memes basically make themselves.

Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, earlier this week pleaded guilty to lying to Congress regarding Trump’s plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. He’s also pleaded guilty to tax fraud and other financial violations.


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Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

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