Herman Cain

He may no longer be seeking the GOP presidential nomination, but Herman Cain just released another  baffling, oddly cinematic YouTube video. 

If there’s one thing Herman Cain is good at, it’s making YouTube videos that make most people scratch their head. Case in point? Cain’s still confusing, and infamous, smoking ad.

But the former GOP presidential candidate may have out done himself on Thursday, with a new YouTube video promoting his website SickOfStimulus.com.

In it, a goldfish is seen in a bowl before being dumped out on the ground, with a young girl saying,“This is the economy.” Then, moments later, she dumps a batch of muddy water on top of the fish and says, “This is the economy on stimulus. Any questions?” The video ends with Cain standing on a ledge as dark and ominous clouds roll by.

Needless to say, it’s confusing, but according to the video’s description, it’s all a metaphor for the current economic state of the country. And it was, for awhile anyway, getting attention. By Thursday evening the video’s counter was static at 600 views, meaning it could have been taking off—a known glitch when a video sees a sudden spike in views.

And although Cain was trying to bring attention to the stimulus money spent by the federal government a few years ago to jump start the economy, most people were worried about the fish.

“You sick fucks. What did that fish ever do to you?!” asked Jaimas.

Cain posted the video on his political organization’s Facebook page, Cain Connections, and his own, where it received more than 800 likes, proving the video had likely gone viral. It also received a lot of praise there as well.

“Folks who don’t understand the premise of this commercial are as idiotic as the ones pushing the stimulus,” wrote Heath Chester.

Oh, and according to the video’s description, no fish were harmed in the making of the video.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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